Planning your ski trip to Bansko but not equipped with the appropriate ski clothes and accessories? ✔ Save money and time by renting them at SPORT4YOU. The most fancy ski jacket & pants paired with a helmet, goggles & gloves for hire.


•Water-resistant windproof ski jackets and pants of leading ski clothing brands in various colors and patterns will keep you warm and dry while skiing, snowboarding or wandering around on the mountain.

•✔ Water-resistant 3000, 5000 or 10000 mm

•✔ Baby sizes from 98 cm for 0-5 years old children

•✔ Biggest size 7XL (limited quantities)

Hire them as a clothing set (jacket and pants) or separately according to your needs.


Almost all skiers & snowboarders have their own gloves. However, if you don’t or in case you forgot them, we’ve got you covered. Water-resistant gloves are available for rent in Bansko at SPORT4YOU


A pair of ski goggles or sporty glasses is essential when on the mountain in order to protect your eyes from the strong sun’s reflection off the snow. Ski goggles are preferred as a more stable and practical option while skiing or snowboarding.

✔ We have available ski goggles that allow the use of glasses.


The use of a ski helmet at Bansko Ski Resort may not be obligatory, but it is essential to ensure the most significant factor on the mountain for you and your family; safety. We offer a great selection of helmets for kids, teens and adults in a variety of colors.

✔ Sizes vary from XXS (kids) to XXL (adults)